We offer RPA solutions to all sizes of companies. In addition, we are supporting businesses in optimizing their processes and designing automated solutions.

Think of the service like this: you rent a digital employee to perform a digital task. It performs the tasks as fast as possible, without human error and at any time. It does not take coffee breaks or holidays and can work 24/7.

We provide RPA services according to your needs.


RPA Basic

  • Robot for 5 hours/month
  • After: minute pricing
  • Surveillance: business days from 9-15

For who?

The need for RPA is recognized and the service is needed for an individual process. Limited need for robot.

RPA Scale

  • Robot working hours according to your needs
  • Surveillance according to your needs
  • Access to customer portal

For who?

When Basic package is too limited. Need for multiple business processes or multiple days in a month.


We provide everything needed involving the deployment and ongoing maintenance. We help you in choosing the processes ideal for automation. We offer the RPA solution, the robot and licensing, and the platform for maintenance. When the service is put to use, it’s monitoring and reaction to exceptions is part of our service.


In other words, our service is all-inclusive. From you, we only need the expertise on your own business processes.
How the deployment of RPA solution begins: We introduce the possibilities of RPA technology to your organisation.


Next we can get acquainted with your business processes and assess which ones are the great candidates for automation. Our aim is to enhance the quality and performance of the process. In addition, we want to release your employees from mundane digital tasks to tasks that include additional value, like customer service.


Together we will find a target for automation and agree on the service and deployment. After testing and validation, the service will be transferred to production.

Contact us, and let’s book an appointment.


The robot performs the task just the way it is programmed to perform it. Again and again. This means that the robot can work efficiently and with high quality, without any human errors. The best processes for automation are routine tasks that are repeated often in the same way. In fact, these are just the processes that human workers usually dislike. The implementation of a robot can be used to change the job descriptions of human employees to contain more meaningful and preferable tasks.

The software robot does not need any breaks, holidays or sick-leaves. It will work on the same level of efficiency and quality at any time of the day, any day of the week.

It is possible to grow the number of robots fast if needed. If there are ‘peaks’ at any time of the month/year, it is easy to clone more robots for multiprocessing side by side. This can be used to level the peaks without hiring extra employees.

Robot is a software that is used to automate the manually done work by a human employee. The software robot is programmed to do the same tasks as human. The robot has an advantage though since it can work as fast as a computer can keep up with its pace. It does not have human waiting times is typing, changing software, logging in or in any other activity.

In addition, the software robot can use any digital information. For example, it can look up a number from a database, the Internet, Microsoft Excel or a pdf-file.
According to this number, it can make calculations or reports or decision about what to do next.

Implementation of the robot does not usually require any changes to the systems. The software robot will run the processes using the same systems that have been used until now.

Just like a human, the software robot needs a working information technology environment. If there are any problems in the systems used, this will affect the robot as well. IT environment must be maintained as usual. The software robots need credentials on the machine and its applications, just like a human worker does.